Pro Shop Manager – Ryne Hamblin

*Ryne is our pro shop manager and the only person who works in the pro shop. When you come in you get the same person you trust drilling and working on your equipment and helping with advice. No one touches any of the work no matter how small it is except him. Consistency is key in this game and we believe in consistency in your ball driller.

*Ryne has been drilling overall for ten years now; this is his 9th season here at Thunder Bowl #1. If Ryne is not in and you need to pick up or place an order Dylan Call (front counter) can help you with either of your needs.

*Don’t hesitate to text or email Ryne anytime of day with any questions about equipment or to place an order or set an appointment if needed.

*We specialize in the dual angle layout system, and it is extremely helpful to us to take the time and find the bowlers positive axis point and tilt in drilling your performance bowling ball. He’s also studied the presentations by Radical and Mo Pinel about the new specifications the USBC has in place for 2020.

*Get honest advice and opinions, we won’t try to oversell you or sell you anything you don’t need. If we can get your old ball rolling like new for $40 we won’t tell you no and try to sell you a $200 ball.


We are proud to have the talent and experience of Ryne in our Pro Shop for you. Contact him today for all your Pro Shop needs!